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Volumizing the Face

volumizing-the-faceSeveral things happen as we age. The most talked about is droop of the tissues. Skin aging, mainly from sun damage and muscle action, is also readily recognized. The least recognized problem is volume loss. This actually happens to multiple tissues. We lose fat, muscle and bone. By relocating the descended fat and support structures, Today’s Facelift corrects some or most of the appearance of the loss. When this is not adequate, the tissue can be further filled, lifted and rounded with a product off the shelf (Radiesse®) or your own fat. Fat is the ideal since there is increasing evidence that it contains multi-potent stem cells that can further rejuvenate the overlying skin. We usually harvest the fat from your neck or wherever you have too much anyway. The injection of either can be done at the time of Today’s Facelift or under local anesthesia later.



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