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Today’s Facelift

Dr. Buchanan rejuvenates the face, neck, and cheek using Today’s Facelift. This is a simple and effective procedure designed to lift the sagging lower two-thirds of the face and neck to a natural position, instead of pulling them unnaturally backward like older facelifts. The procedure (perfect for the early signs of aging) elevates the lower face and neck and, to some extent, the cheek, and preserves and restores volume to the cheeks. Older procedures pull in an abnormal direction and remove this volume. Only a limited amount of excess skin needs to be removed, and there will be nothing but an inconspicuous scar under the sideburn and in the crease in front of the ear,unless you have unusually lax neck skin . These scars tend to be almost invisible in a few months. The procedure is ideal if you are younger and “just want to look fresher.” It is also perfect if you “need a little more,” and works better than the older procedures even if you have considerably lax tissues. Excess fat in the neck is removed with Liposuction. With a marked wattle or unusually loose skin in the neck, an incision behind the ear may be necessary to remove all the wrinkles from the neck and flatten the area below the chin.

Late 40’s


Further Advantages:

Additional Procedures:

Brow: As the face ages, the forehead and temple area also drops. This flattens the normally arched eyebrow, fills the upper lid area and bunches the skin beside the eye. We eliminate this excess by using a full brow lift or by tacking it up through a small lateral temporal incision in the hair. The modern Browlift is as advanced as Today’s Facelift. Dr Buchanan uses four, or occasionally five, small incisions hidden in the hair. Through these, the brow is released and elevated and the muscle between the eyebrows is resected using an endoscope. This:

Upper Eyelids: Frequently the Browlifts is all that is necessary to correct any problem in the upper eyelids. If, however, there is still excess skin or abnormal fat in the upper eyelids, then an Upper Blepharoplasty is added to the procedure.

Lower Eyelids and Cheek: As the face descends, the lower eyelid and cheek accompany it. Therefore, this area frequently also needs rejuvenation. The problems:

Dr. Buchanan’s advanced lower blepharoplasty that incorporates a cheek lift and anchors the cheek to the bone corrects all these problems.

Mid 70’s, Brow Lift,
Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty, Neck Lift


Skin: Almost everyone requiring a facelift will also need rejuvenation of the skin. One of the reasons some of the older facelifts left you looking “pulled” and “tight” was the attempt to pull the skin tight enough to reduce the wrinkles caused by sun damage and muscle pull. Today’s Facelift, corrects the unnatural muscle pull. We correct the sun damage with the Obagi® Skin Care System and, if necessary, the laser, peels, Obagi Blue peels or IPL.



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