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Imbalanced Skin

Most facial rejuvenation in the past has concentrated on removing the sags and folds. Someone with tight, but crinkled, spotted skin, still looked old. Some surgeons have tried to correct the skin problems by tightly stretching the skin. This does not work, but causes many of the over-pulled problems of older facelifts. In order to truly rejuvenate the face, the skin also has to be addressed. Dr. Buchanan has several modalities available to accomplish skin restoration. The main method he uses is the Obagi® Skin Care System. TThis system addresses all the problems of skin aging except the abnormal blood vessels that occur in some people. It:

By thickening the dermis and moisturizing the skin, it eliminates many wrinkles. If crinkles and wrinkles remain, Dr. Buchanan can use one of several different peels or the advanced Luxor® CO2 Laser. For the red areas, he has the Elipse® IPL, the newest advance in light technology.

Whether your problem is one of the above or all of them, by individualizing Today’s Facelift, Dr. Buchanan can improve your appearance and rejuvenate your face. Contact the office to set up an appointment.

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