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Imbalanced Forehead

For many years, facial rejuvenation consisted of a cheek lift and upper and lower Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). The brow was rarely touched due to the truly unnatural appearance of the result, the difficulty of the procedure, and lack of understanding of the aging process. Several things happened:

This caused:

Because of the marked upward pull of Today’s Facelift, there is also frequently a bunching of the temporal tissues. To prevent this and rebalance the face, Dr. Buchanan frequently adds a full brow lift or a temporal lift. The full brow lift is usually done endoscopically with small incisions in the hair that heal rapidly with no visible scar and no nerve disturbance. It also removes the unnatural muscle pull between the eyebrows and preserves the forehead muscle function. This adds essentially no time to the postoperative recovery. The temporal lift heals even faster, but does nothing in the central forehead.



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