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About Our Practice

p-office-exteriorThe Center for Plastic Surgery strives to provide you with personalized care and predictably excellent results. We listen to your concerns and provide options. This allows us to meet your needs with the best outcome in the least invasive manner with the fastest recovery.

We are located in picturesque Highlands, NC, in the Smoky Mountain area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The town offers the charm and serenity of a sleepy mountain town together with the sophistication and modern amenities of major cities. Though it is surrounded by beautiful mountain vistas, breathtaking waterfalls, and quiet wooded forests, the Center for Plastic Surgery and the Highlands-Cashiers Hospital offer the latest in modern facilities and techniques in Plastic Surgery. In keeping with our location, we offer these in quiet serenity with attention to your needs and desires. We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of service and integrity with ease and understanding.

Lifestyle Enhancement: We are concerned with your total well-being. We provide information and have available products to protect you from the aging effects of the sun. We can provide information to help you lose weight, achieve a proper exercise program and stop smoking.

Safety: We take safety very serious. We evaluate everyone to reduce risks and improve results. We offer everyone, even those for minor injections, medication to reduce bruising and speed its resolution. For any major surgery, we provide everyone this medication, plus vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to speed healing and reduce complications. During the procedure, we monitor everyone for potential problems, and use prophylactic measures (such as anti-embolism venous compression devices) to prevent even unlikely complications.

p-office-interiorFacilities: Our office is fully equipped for minor surgery that can be done under local anesthesia and all injections, and skin related procedures. We use the new Highlands-Cashiers Hospital for more complex procedures requiring sedation or general anesthesia. The hospital is fully Joint Commission (formerly the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) certified with completely equipped rooms to accommodate modern Plastic Surgery. The nurses who help in the operating rooms are exceptionally trained, have been doing plastic surgical procedures for many years and are current on all new procedures.

An American Board of Anesthesiology fully certified anesthesiologist administers all general anesthesia or oversees significant conscious sedation. These physicians have had four further years of extensive training past medical school in caring for people under anesthesia, and have passed exhaustive tests to assure that they can handle any emergency that may arise. They are uniquely qualified to look for and prevent events that threaten your safety, treat any acute medical problems that may arise during the procedure, and care for any chronic conditions that you may have. Additionally, they specialize in outpatient anesthesia, which markedly speeds your recovery and reduces most postoperative problems. The Highlands-Cashiers Hospital is the only hospital in North Carolina utilizing exclusively Board Certified Anesthesiologists. Because of this, and the fact that modern light general anesthesia is breathed off as soon as the gasses are turned off, rather than being metabolized slowly, we believe this is the safest type of anesthesia with the fastest recovery and fewest postoperative problems.

Our Location

Situated at 4118 feet, Highlands, North Carolina offers a unique experience throughout the year. Whether it’s the vibrant pink of the native Rhododendron in the spring, the bright orange of the flame azalea in early summer, or the quiet stillness of a winter snowfall, each season provides a welcome respite from the cares of everyday life. In town, you or your accompanying spouse or friend can stroll up and down Main Street and take in unique shopping, or world class dining. During the day, enjoy outdoor adventures including biking, hiking or llama trekking on nearby mountain trails. Rivers and lakes offer canoeing, fly fishing, and white water rafting. Golfing in the area is both unique and spectacular.

We are situated between Atlanta, GA, Asheville, NC, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, and Knoxville, TN.

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We can help with all of your arrangements, such as transportation, accommodations, or other needs.

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