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Robert T. Buchanan, M.D.

Dr. Buchanan is dedicated to renewing your face and neck to a natural, refreshed, rested, healthy and youthful appearance that is long lasting. To do this, and prevent the unnatural, pulled or "windswept" look of most older facelifts, he has developed Today's Facelift. He arrived at this after searching for a better way to perform revision or secondary facelifts. What he found was a better way to do ALL facelifts, a method that corrects the problems of and, when done primarily, avoids the problems of the standard techniques of face lifting.

No matter when the aging process becomes noticeable and bothersome to you and you decide to have facial rejuvenation, an individualized version of Today's Facelift can achieve the natural, improved look you seek without the stigmata of older techniques. This could be at a younger age trying to stay ahead of aging, or later with significantly lax tissues. Since the pull is in the direction from where the tissues came, and not artificially backward, there is frequently no or minimal incision behind the ear. Because the deeper fascia (the supportive tissue) is anchored to immobile structures, the results are usually longer lasting. Since none of the deeper facial tissues are removed but, instead, returned to their normal position, youthful facial fullness is restored.

Of course, if you have already had a facelift, are dissatisfied with the results or want to "touch up" the result of continued aging after an otherwise adequate procedure, Today's Facelift is the perfect solution, since it was developed initially to meet these needs more safely and with more natural results.

During the latter half of the 20th Century, facelifts evolved very little. There are certain problems that tend to occur after these facelifts. Today's Facelift, developed since 2001, corrects these problems. Continued aging, particularly around the eye, central face and mouth area, tends to be predictable.  Today's Facelift not only corrects these problems, but lifts the tissues to where they were originally. Although technically a "Mini-Facelift," it provides Maximum Results.

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